Some of the stuff that I've worked on over the years.


Hero image for Mintoir

Mintoir: Minting Memories Through the Blockchain

An intuitive cross-platform mobile application that allows you to turn your favourite moments into digital tokens that will last forever on the blockchain, ensuring that you won’t ever forget what matters most. This was made at DeltaHacks8 in 36 hours. I primarily worked on the backend, with some frontend. Specifically, I focused on the NFT minting process as well as ML figure segmentation.

Robot Path Planning Simulator

A custom-made simulator for creating curved paths using Bézier curves and splines. Given a few waypoints, it will generate a curved path with C1 continuity (points share position and tangent), which can be followed using an algorithm such as Pure Pursuit. It also has the backdrop of a VEX Tipping Point field for planning robotics autonomous runs.

Tokens for Good

A website that gives donators NFTs based on the charity, encouraging donations by giving people the novelty of possessing limited-time collectables and a sense of pride knowing they supported a good cause. This project was made in 36 hours during JAMHacks 6, and won Best Use of DeSo (Presented by MLH).

Mississauga Youth Action Committee

A smooth and modern website for the MYAC, my city's youth action committee, containing content for both upcoming and previous events, the executive team, and galleries from previous events. Representing over 145K youth in the area, they help, engage, and empower by actively consulting youth, providing resources and professional development opportunities, as well as encouraging volunteerism.


An intuitive platform with an app and hardware designed to encourage electrical vehicle adoption by making charging easy. Charging stations wildly vary, making it one of the largest disadvantages of EVs. Made in a mere 24 hours during CalgaryHacks '22, we aimed to fix that. I worked on the frontend and backend of the website, as well as the parking spot occupancy detector.

Roomba: VEX Tipping Point Robot

Team 82050B's VEX Robot for the Tipping Point 2021-2022 season. The codebase includes a variety of algorithms, from absolute position tracking to control systems found in industrial robotics.


A small dashboard to display information such as date, time, weather, and more. Made with an NodeMCU ESP8266 and a 16x2 character display, it fetches any data from the internet and displays it. It even supports an infinite number of sources of data, being able to switch the info displayed with a click of a button.


Viva: Hack the North 2021 Winner

A fun, learning-style mobile app that uses speech recognition technology to provide you with personalized feedback on how well you are pronouncing words. This project was made in a mere 36 hours at Hack the North 2021 and won Finalist, as well as being a finalist for the Contrary Entrepreneurship Prize. I worked on both the frontend and backend of the mobile app.

Website for the Anglo-Indian Association of Canada

A modern, sleek, and new website for the Anglo-Indian Association of Canada utilizing the Jamstack (Next.js, Netlify CMS, Vercel). It has quick load times, while also including a variety of major features, from a event management system to an e-commerce trading platform.

AcadeME: Hack the Valley V

A suite of educational-related tools to help students who struggle with paying attention in class, missing class, have a rough home environment, or just want to get ahead in their studies. This project won both Best Use of Google Cloud and Best Use of Distributed Compute API. I worked on the backend and APIs for the Chrome extension and web app.

SafeSpot: Improving Car Safety using ML

A lightweight camera-based solution for monitoring a car's blind spot programmatically using TensorFlow and Python on a Raspberry Pi that serves as a cheap alternative to using RADAR or ultrasonic sensors. Using transfer learning on MobileNetV2, an accuracy of ~98% was reached for blind spot detection with blazing fast prediction times.

VEX Robotics: The Royals 82050

A modern and snappy website for The Royals 82050, a VEX Robotics Competition team based in Ontario, Canada. I used the Jamstack (Next.js, Netlify CMS, Vercel) to build this website, with Tailwind CSS and Framer Motion for styling and animations.

MyGrant: Finder

A blazing fast search tool to help small businesses find grants for their business. With an index of over 350 grants ranging from COVID-19 relief to green initiatives and a search function powered by Algolia, it's never been easier to find support for your business.

Distributed Data Labelling Platform

A web app utilizing React and Firebase to allow for simple, collaborative, and distributed labelling of datasets, with the ability for self-hosting.

MMAL Camera

A C++ library that allows for direct control and display of the Raspberry Pi Camera by using low-level hardware libraries to offload intensive tasks onto the GPU.

VEX Robotics Bootstrapped Project

A VEX Robotics codebase that serves as a base project with elements commonly required per each season. These include control systems, self-documentation, and more.


My Puja

A full stack web app using React and Firebase with an organized directory of events / pujas and livestreams directed toward Hindu temple-goers, specifically patrons of the Toronto Kalibari temple.

Tenant Complaint System

A website using JQuery and Firebase that allows for the filing and management of complaints from tenants.

React To-Do List

A basic to-do list using React that supports adding tasks with a due date and marking them as complete.

Smart Garage Door Module

A small module using the Particle Photon that can be added to an old garage door system which will allow for integration with Home Assistant using MQTT.

VEX V5 Continuous Integration Plugin (GitHub)

A Continuous Integration (C.I.) plugin that allows for automated testing of a codebase utilizing the VEX PROS for V5 APIs.



An Android app utilizing AndroidX and Firebase that helps you learn to sort your waste with an index of items and an AI scanner.